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Christmas boutique

Christmas will be magical this year! Discover our inspiration boards for a dazzling festive season!

Turn your store into a festive wonderland with our comprehensive selection of Christmas decorations and packagingl. Chose between our fairy lights, baubles, display stands, gift wrapping paper, gift bags, jewellery presentation boxes and other decorative items to dress your shelves in gold, silver and red.

Whether you are looking to create a traditional or an original ambiance, with sparkling glitter or with subtle tones, you will find all you need to get ready for this year's Festive Season. 

Browse our Christmas brochure and discover our 10 hottest inspirations: 

Even more inspiration in store!

All our collections, as well as some of our exclusive deals can be found in our Parisian stores. 

At Selfor, 20 rue Réaumur, Paris : Gift packaging, customised packaging, jewellery gift boxes, jewellery findings, batteries...

At Selfor Décor, 19 rue Réaumur, Paris: Jewellery display stands, window decorations, gift packaging...

Make your Christmas unforgettable and visit our shops today!

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SELFOR, 20 rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris
01 42 78 06 66 -  selfor@selfor.com

SELFOR +, 11 rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris
01 42 74 11 76 - selforplus@selfor.com

SELFOR Décor, 19 rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris
01 42 74 48 08 - selfordecor@selfor.com

Customer Service for online orders:
+33 6 79 61 20 46 - selforparis@selfor.com



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