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Ear and nose piercing

Ear and nose piercing require high-quality certified tools and products. That is why Selfor has chosen to distibute well-known brands of ear and nose piercing equipment. Each brand has a specific added-value.

  • Inverness.  Founded in the USA, the company has developped a medically hygenic system which encloses the ear piercing earring in a sterile capsule and has patented saftey ear clutches that encourage safe healing. Gentle ear-piercing.
  • Caflon. A British based firm that offers safe piercing at great prices. All products and equipment are produced using responsible, ethical methods and materials.


The strict respect of legislation and standards is indispensable when providing the best possible piercing service with quality products. These two brands will allow you to pierce ears and noses in the best conditions: sterile, safe and easy.

Find all the Inverness and Caflon products in store, not forgetting the display stands allowing you to showcase all the different models available.

The Selfor team is happy to help and advise you on piercing products, call us 01 42 78 06 66.

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SELFOR, 20 rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris
01 42 78 06 66 -  selfor@selforparis.com

SELFOR +, 11 rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris
01 42 74 11 76 - selforplus@selforparis.com

SELFOR Décor, 19 rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris
01 42 74 48 08 - selfordecor@selforparis.com




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