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Tissue paper

Tissue paper is perfect for protecting and decorating precious metals or any other fragile object that needs a little protection. Selfor brings you a beautiful selection of heavy tinted,  no-stain, no-bleed 17g tissue papers, entirely chlorine and acid free, recommended for contact with precious metals. Sold in reams of 240 sheets or in tubes of 48 rolled sheets. Dimensions: 0.50 x 0.75 m.

An attractive array of colours

We bring you a collection of 17 different colours of tissue paper including 2 with a metallic finish, perfect for combining with other packaging accessories to make a truly unique gift presentation:

Essential for wrapping jewellery, wrapping cosmetics or wrapping bouquets of flowers and plants... tissue paper is a vital element for retailers wanting to provide their clients with original, attractive gift presentations

Made to measure tissue paper

Are you interested in having tissue paper that matches your specific colour scheme? Come and visit our store in Paris. You will be able to find the perfect gift packaging and custom brand the tissue paper with your logo.

Selfor, your supplier of tailor-made retail gift packaging.

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Kraft coloured tissue paper
7.44€ TTC - Kraft coloured tissue paper
(2 models to choose from)
White tissue paper with silver and gold stars
14.34€ TTC - White tissue paper with silver and gold stars
Tissue paper
7.44€ TTC - Tissue paper
(28 models to choose from)
Metallic look tissue paper
11.94€ TTC - Metallic look tissue paper
(4 models to choose from)

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SELFOR, 20 rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris
01 42 78 06 66 -  selfor@selforparis.com

SELFOR +, 11 rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris
01 42 74 11 76 - selforplus@selforparis.com

SELFOR Décor, 19 rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris
01 42 74 48 08 - selfordecor@selforparis.com




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